Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beat The Clock Contest

February is our month for Valentines Day and yet another fun contest for us all. They say "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend"

But For Us, Only.....Pink Diamond Hearts will do

Come join the fun in finding as many Pink Diamond Hearts as you can fast as you can, for this contest is all about Beating the Clock.

I have been blessed with sixteen wonderful blogger friends that have agreed to help out in running this contest. Listed below you will find all of their names and a link to their blogs. They are numbered in no specific order. Each of these lovely ladies have agreed to post a link to this contest somewhere on the side bar of their blog. Ten of them have One to Ten........ Pink Diamond Hearts on them and six are plain like this one

The ones with the Pink Diamond Hearts on them will look like this one below

While looking for your Pink Diamond Hearts .......take the time to look over their blogs and get to know them a little, you'll be glad you did. Leave them a comment thanking them for their participation in this contest..........then click on the Contest Link and it will bring you back here to continue on to view yet another wonderful blog to find your diamond hearts. You can start in any order of the list that you chose, but you will need to come up with all ten links with pinks diamonds on them. Be sure that when you find a link ......mark it down somewhere as to how many Pink Diamond Hearts were at which blog. Remember six of the blogs will have just the contest link and no hearts. When you have found all ten contest links with Pink Diamond Hearts and have the correct amount of hearts next to the correct blog that you found it at email me at with your list. Once you have emailed me your complete list return to this post and leave a comment screaming Victory that you have made it to the finals. The first twenty people to find all ten links with Pink Diamond Hearts will then be entered into a drawing to win and be crowned in our Beat The Clock Contest.

The drawing will be February 13th and announced on Pink Saturday February the 14th.

Please Note that I am the only one who knows which blogs have the Pink Diamond Hearts , even my fellow assistants do not know other then their very own.

Well as usual we are now all wondering what the prize is this time.

pink diamonds

I am sure you were all hoping for Pink Diamonds
Sorry girls....a bit too much for my budget


What could be more appropriate then a

Pink Crown Clock


A Pink Marilyn Monroe
Sparkling Dress Form

Join the elite who place their trophies on their mantles to remind them of their great achievements. Now you too will always have a reminder of the Great Time you had Beating The Clock. Kind of corny right...oh well you can always pass it on to your daughter or granddaughter...I am sure they would just adore it.

Hope you join in, for this is now our third contest and the more contest you enter the better your chances to win the Grand Finale Contest in December....and what a great prize that will don't want to miss out. You don't have to win just have to enter. So hurry on your way to start looking for the Pink Diamond Hearts.

One more time.........
1. View all blogs to find the ten contest links with the Pink Diamond Hearts
2. Leave a comment on their blog thanking them for participating
3. Email me your list stating how many pink diamond hearts you found at which blog

For example only..... Jane -3 Cami -7 Betty - 10 and so on.
4. Leave a comment back on this post screaming you made it to the finals.

Now with out any further delay...lets get this race started get ready...get set....


1 Monica @

2 Jane @

3 Mimi @

4 Kathy @

5 Lesley @

6 Lady Lynn @

7 Adrianna @

8 Lorena @

9 Betty @

10. Judy @

11 Michele @

12 Claudie @

13 Cami @

14 Stephanie @

15 Nerissa @

16 Kris @

Tick Tock - Tick Tock


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Sondra! I've finished!!! Yippee Skippy!! I found all the hearts, commented on everyone's blogs & thanked them for participating ~ even my own!,(I hope to make some new friends as they all have awesome blogs), emailed you, & am jumping up & down here & now to say that I'm happy to have made it to the finals!! That clock is awfully nifty....and I also collect dressforms, so wish me luck!!

Thanks for always having fun things!! Makes life special.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

claudie said...

I'm late I"m late for a very important date.
I really thought I would be last Sondra.
Where is everyone???
Stephanie girl beat the clock. Good for her and congratulations.
LOVE Claudie


She enters...waving her arms like royalty (in her own mind wearing her pink crown ( a little tilted from the running to shout...


And now...she turns to wave farewell as she must return to the Beautiful blogs that she had never been to before! Oh Sonda...bowing gracefully to you...thank you for this PINK FUN!

Joy said...

Good luck with the contest Sondra. :O)

Anonymous said...

I came to say thank you for your visit and am I glad I did. What an exciting blog you have. So girly and all, I love it. I might just have to enter this contest too, ifI can get some time. Come visit me anytime, we can get to know each other better too. Sign my guestbook , if you have the time .


Claudie said...

I guess it was lack of focus last night. I have them all now. What a way to get me going in the morning Sondra.
Hope your having a great weekend.
That was fun.

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

The dress form looks great. Hey I have a little pink lamp like that too. I also have a bigger one as well. Thinking pink.

vintagewindow said...

Hi Sondra,

I've finally finished. It was a late entry, but better late than never.

This was so much fun.
I'm off to make a superbowl feast

Have a wonderful day


Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

What a fun thing to do...good luck with your contest......sorry I am a bit late on my Pink Saturday visit...Have a wonderful afternoon....
Mo :-)


Come on pink ladies.....Sondra put alot of work in this contest,get out there and have some FUN! I saw WONDERFUL blogs in my PINK HEART HUNT ( whew...say that fast a few But please girls....
PAR-PINK-A-TATE in this one......
And thanks Sondra...I believe my typing skills have quickened doing that! PINK HUGS SONDRA! am NOT Pink Nosin' here...JUST JOIN THE FUN!!!!!

Neabear said...

I belatedly have made it to the finals!! Whew! I guess I am the tortoise. Heehee.

Jill said...

I am going to try and get this done tonight! WHEWWW Lots of reading ahead!

Say It With Roses said...

I am screaming with Victory as I finished and am deliriously happy to have made it to the finals!

Love the little me!

This was such fun and I loved the dancing hearts!!!


Sondra...where ar you on this Valentines Day..the pinkest day of all? Visit me soon!

claudie said...

Sondra you have disappeared. Wondering where you are.

Neabear said...

Wondering where the post is announcing the winner? Hope you are okay Sondra.

KatCollects said...

Hi Sondra,
I just checked in to see who had won your contest. I hope you are ok! Sending good wishes your way.

loong said...

When you smile, I smile, that’s the deal.
I will not walk past you and not look you in the eyes and not acknowledge you.
Instead we will pass each other and say hello.

Not with our words, for they are not the same; but with our faces.
I meet you and I see there is good in your eyes, there's passion in your heart and there's a friendly hello in your smile.

And for the first time we can relate and appreciate each other.
That’s all it takes, that’s where it starts.
Because I know that you will smile and I will smile and the rest is easy

claudie said...

Sondra I see you were at Betty's blog a few minutes ago and other's.
Why are you avoiding us.
Where are the gifts that the girls won.
Claudie who won your second contest and still hasn't seen a thing!!!!

vintagewindow said...

Hope all is okay. I have an award for you on my blog.


~♥~ Monica S said...


How are you doing??? It's been so quiet here... I hope you are well??

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