Friday, December 26, 2008

"DO YOU DARE" Winner Is!

The polls closed Friday 12-26-08 @ 6PM Eastern Time and the numbers are in. Wow, what a close race this contest was right from the start especially between Joy and Sarah. They were neck and neck every day almost hour to hour, every day their numbers increased almost the same as they pursued with persevering attention to win. They really put their best foot forward or should we say their pink heads. At aprox 9:AM this morning they were tied with 135 votes each..................

But, holy cow........about 10:00 AM this morning the polls went crazy and the numbers began to change faster then the speed of lightning. Every few minute sometime seconds, votes started pouring in for Sarah. I understand a friend of hers sent out over a thousand emails to friends pleading for votes for Sarah. Wow.......that is what I call true dedication.

It saddens me that only one can be our first place winner for I have never seen two girls work so diligently as they did......but we must go by the actual voting poll.

Congratulation, Our 1st Place Winner
of our
Sarah from Missouri

2nd Place........Joy from Michigan

3rd Place.....Eileen from New York

You can view the final results here

I would like to thank all that have participated and those who took the the time to vote and support our True Pink Ladies. These girls most certainly should be commended for going as far as they did by coloring their hair pink for a contest. For not even I would of done it ......not even for a million bucks. These girls went above and beyond to show their true love for the color pink.......showing no shame as they proudly held their pink heads high as they were viewed by many all over the Internet.

Congratulation "My True Pink Ladies"

Thanks again to Beverly for making PINK SATURDAY postings so much fun.

Be sure and read the post above and join the fun of a brand new contest starting today for all you less daring ladies out there. Hope you enter this's easy.


DeeDee said...

Yeah, Sarah! That's my girl!

mamakohl said...

What can I say? I have rabidly loyal friends. I am thrilled to have won, but also want to take this moment to commend all the other contestants as well as EVERYONE who dares to LOVE PINK! My submission is in honor of my departed grandmother and my very recently deceased friend. I DARED to go PINK because they DARED to face cancer without fear. It is with honor that I humbly accept this reward. Those battling the horrid disease of cancer are the true heroes, the real ones to honor. I accept the prize in honor of them ... and will say a prayer with each use. Thank you ALL for being a witness to the power of LIFE!

Sondra Behne' said...

Hello Sarah
Once again I congratulate you and would also like to offer you my newly designed blog award. I will only be presenting this award to those who truly represent them selves as true lovers of pink. If you would like to post it on your website, just copy and paste it from my side panel.

Hope to see you again in more of my contests...untill then may peace, happiness and love be with you always.

Joy said...

Thanks to Sondra for hosting such a unique contest & offering such amazing and generous rewards!

Buttercream Cottage said...

Great contest!

The Muse said...


Marina said...

great photos!!!!
happy pink saturday!